Beranda Inisiatif
The two Papua provinces in eastern Indonesia are 433.981 km2 (22% of Indonesian land area). Yet the population is only about 2.4 million people, with half indigenous people (312 tribes with 250 languages). In recent years Papua has become a target of petrol-chemical, mining, logging and agroforestry companies seeking to exploit its rich natural resources. Papua has the largest remaining area of intact tropical rainforest in Indonesia but Ironically it also has the highest rate of poverty in Indonesia - 38%, one in three Papuan children doesn’t go to school, and 9 out of 10 villages are without health service personnel and facilities. 

The rapid exploitation of the forests for the benefit of concession holding companies, local and Jakarta political and military elite, and the high local social and environmental impacts, has the lead the Governors of the two Papua provinces to express a wish for development for the Papuan people and support for community based forestry. Over the past three two years BENTARA and Greenpeace has been collaborating to build community forestry project in Sorong-West Papuan and also start assess a number of local local forestry initiative to develop pilot Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) projects in Papua. that including Key Activities :

Community institutional strengthening and socialisation; workshops, training, extension support.

Community mapping and forest resource rights establishment; participatory land use planning, GPS boundary marking and map making, geneology, resource rights workshops, obtaining legal right to harvest, So far Community and Bentara team already map 5 clans custumary land and cover around 5.000 ha.

Forest Management: forest inventory, forest management plan, training, extension support, tree selection.

Bentara Papua is working together with the Knasaimos Customary Body to drive efforts to save the forest. Manggroholo and Sira forests are also in this area. This forest area, is now managed by community after receiving the two following decrees, SK Hutan Desa Manggroholo (SK No. 767/MENHUT-II/2014) dan SK Hutan Desa Sira (SK No. 268/MENHUT-II/2014), on Wednesday, November 12 2014. This encompasses Mangroholo forests consisting of 1.695 Ha and Sira village, encompassing 1.850 Ha.

The 3545 ha of land they manage has been fought for since 2009, and it is now ready to be managed by the villagers Mangroholo and Sira. Mangroholo village lies in the valley, and Sira village in the hills, part of the Knasalmos indigenous landscpae which houses Merbau, Nyatoh, Damar and Gaharu timbers. This part of the valley is also home to various varieties of orchids and other fauna. This location also has shallow peatland.

Bentara Papua carried out a focus group discussion in order to develop ensuing plans continuing on from the Decree stage, keeping in mind the forest management plan will be incorporated in the area management permit addressed to West Papuan Governor in 2015.