Beranda Inisiatif

Create a strong learning platform for young leaders in Papua to support sustainable developmet that drive by the local people. Only from Papua University in Manokwari, about 1.000 student graduated from various background study, such as forestry, marine fisheries, agriculture and social economic development. This is a huge potential to grow young talent entrepreneurs and conservation and social leaders to lead the change in the island of Papua. Part of this project is trying to generate a new creative oppurtunity for the fresh graduate to involve on the “real development” rather that just wait for gorverment official recuitment and best use their first 5 year after graduate to do more for social and enviromental work. Inculding in PaCE Bentara Program is :

Social and Enviromental leadership training, targeted young locals who have potensitial talend to work with community. The Participant coming from local universities student, urban community groups and village area. This program its to build a strong awareness, confident and commitment to lead the social and enviromental changes in Papua. PaCE Bentara commited to have this training at least two times a year.

Changes Maker Program,
We aim to organize a regular long term training (1 year program) and combine with a field work for selected fresh graduates on the ground. We expected to have at least 25 talent young activist per year program and focus to produce a young leaders who can lead the change on by improving the skills of young talent people and develop their expertise on conservation, community assistant, advocate/campaigner, communication skill and social entrepreneurship.

We have our home-based facility in Manokwari, dedicated for a center of excellence which is also very close to the Papua University. Our facility including training center and guest house. 

We have deploy our leaders and volunteers to work with local community. To get the experience and learning from local community about to best manage their natural resources. That’s include obtaining Value Added of Native Products, ecotourism, participatory mapping and natural resources management planning, policy advocacy and communicated the local initiative to the world.